Development Notes

Quick build hints

Raspberry Pi 4 and PC
  • Get your imagebuilder device target archive from:
  • Clone repo and copy the corresponding device from devconfigs and packages to imagebuilder root.
  • Run "sh"
  • Compiled image is in bin/...
Gl.iNet Slate AX / Flint (no longer possible - repo is down)
  • For v1.0 and above follow the the Pi/PC instructions instead.
  • git clone
  • sudo apt install build-essential clang flex g++ gawk gcc-multilib gettext \ git libncurses5-dev libssl-dev python3-distutils rsync unzip zlib1g-dev \ file wget
  • python3 -c configs/config-wlan-ap.yml
  • cd wlan-ap/openwrt
  • ./scripts/ target_wlan_ap-gl-ax1800 luci (replace ax1800 with axt1800 for Slate AX)
  • git clone
  • Copy the content of the flint or slateax folder in main SmoothWAN repo to current directory
  • ./scripts/feeds update -a
  • ./scripts/feeds install -a
  • ./
  • Copy the .config file from the flint or slateax folder in main SmoothWAN repo to current directory
  • make -j20 V=sc
  • Compiled image is in bin/targets/ipq...


  • For compiling SmoothWAN packages, compile smoothwan-feeds with OpenWRT build system.

  • Pre-compiled packages are included for easy customization, quick builds and imagebuilder-only setup.

  • GL.iNet builds are full-builds and require comprehensive setup. More at:

  • glibc is included from Debian Buster for running Speedify on musl built OpenWrt. Lib included: libc6_2.31-13+deb11u2, and libgcc1_8.3.0-6_armhf for armv7. Binaries are sideloaded during build. Check for sources.

  • All binaries are generated on Github Actions