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Bypass clients to a specific WAN

Split Tunneling

Set your DHCP server to provide a static IP address to the target client. (Can be skipped if set on client)

Network -> DHCP and DNS -> Static Leases -> Add button and choose the MAC address & specify IP address.

Follow these steps to bypass a static IP client to a specific WAN:

  1. Head to Network -> Interfaces -> Edit button next to the WAN to be used.
  2. Advanced Settings -> Override IPv4 routing table, select one of the BYP tables, there are 10 presets. When split-tunneling other WANs do not use the same table.
  3. Save then head to Network -> Routing -> IPv4 Rules -> Add
  4. Set Incoming interface to lan and source to your client IP address. e.g
  5. Select the BYP you chose earlier in Table and click Save and Apply.
  6. Done! For IPv6 users, you will have to use MAC addresses instead (TODO: Guide).

Never share the same routing table number BYP with other WANs/VPNs.

Bypass a range of IP addresses

Use CIDR calculators such as
Example: using will bypass clients with IP addresses between and
/32 CIDR such as in the previous examples equals to one IP address.