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Tested Hardware

USB Hubs

  • Waveshare USB 3.2 Gen1 And Gigabit Ethernet HUB HAT by @nickpoorman (longterm test unconfirmed)

USB Ethernet Adapter

  • Kensington K33981WW

Not recommended:

  • TP-Link and U-Green ASIX-based chipset
  • Non-brand name Realtek-based chipset
  • Flat cable type and/or cable length >15cm
  • Using USB 2.0 hubs

Mobile Hotspot

  • Verizon 8800L by @chalk4#0933 (longterm test unconfirmed)
  • AT&T Nighthawk M6 Pro by @chalk4#0933 (longterm test unconfirmed)

Power Supply

  • Pi4/Slate: Samsung Type-C chargers (most models no-load = 5.2V)
  • Pi4/Slate: Official Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C Power Supply
  • QwikFone QC3.0 Car charger

Network Switch

  • Managed TP-LINK TL-SG108E
  • Unmanaged NETGEAR GS108UK
  • Unmanaged TOTOLINK S808G (budget)

SD card

  • SanDisk Ultra SDSQUNS-032G-GN3MN 32GB
  • SanDisk Industrial MLC MicroSD SDHC UHS-I Class 10
  • SanDisk 32GB High Endurance Video (longterm test unconfirmed)


  • Submit a PR or discussion post to add fully tested hardware (optionally: for 2 months or more) followed by your username.
  • Tests are not recommendations, community reports are not always accurate, use the list for reference only.
  • Android USB tethering may be limited to ~150 Mbit due to networking emulation.
  • iOS 13+ USB tethering is not officially supported since it is impractical:
    • Need to tap "Trust" on every reconnection/hiccup up with usbmuxd unlike iTunes
    • If cellular signal is weak, tethering will automatically disconnect requiring USB physical reconnection to continue tethering.
    • Partial workarounds