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Proxmox Example

Installation using Proxmox

Application: Running SmoothWAN alongside Ubuntu/Windows or containers.

  • Download the VMDK image from the release page.
  • Download Proxmox ISO and flash to a USB drive using balenaEtcher:

  • Boot up your PC/server with the USB drive plugged in (you may have use the boot menu to select the drive)
  • Follow the screenshots and set the IP address within the subnet of SmoothWAN (

  • Create a new VM:

  • Upload, extract and insert the image using the command line (works with Windows, MacOS, Linux):

  • Double-click the unused image to add the drive:

  • Change the boot order in Options and enable the drive:

  • Start the VM and click console to view SmoothWAN starting up (will reboot twice):

  • Visit SmoothWAN WebUI ( to check if it is running:

  • Time to add the rest of the ethernet ports to SmoothWAN VM as WANs, assuming you have 3 extra ports in this example:

  • Click Apply Configuration then head to the VM settings page and configure the new adapters after stopping the VM:

  • Do the same for the rest of the ports

  • Start and check SmoothWAN setup page for the newly added WANs, a colourful network icon indicates that the interface is up (other than looking at the IP):

  • Hint: to use 2 or more LAN ports (e.g. 2 WANs, 2 LANs in this example), remove the desired interface from the bridge ( vmbr1 not removed in screenshots for clarity), and append interface to the first bridge, SmoothWAN uses the first (vmbr0) as LAN: