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Raspberry Pi 4

Note: I no longer own one to test and they're hard to source!
Last tested version was 0.99.8

Port Layout


Restarting on large downloads or livestream test

Indicates poor power supply, use the official RPi power supply or a 5.3V adapter and a USB-PD Type-C cable.

Red LED flashing erratically

Indicates poor power supply.

Unable to connect to "SmoothWAN Setup" SSID

Setup in close proximity to the Pi, signal is not an indicator to use.
Cause: RPi's internal Wi-Fi "ACK-drop" interval is very short and not adjustable.

For maximum stability, you can reduce power consumption as well as performance (~180-Mbit) by editing config.txt in SD and adding arm_freq=1000 at the end of the file.