Cheap unmanaged switch Multi-WAN using MACVLAN

  • Device type: MACVLAN
  • Base device: br-lan
  • Mode: Bridge
  • Device name: any name

- MACVLAN is not a replacement for VLAN, use VLAN whenever possible.
- Few modems especially ISP supplied will cause rogue DHCP scenario. They reject DHCP messages but the server is still on for internal reasons. MACVLAN is not suitable in this case.
- MACVLAN is used for budget/fleet setups.
- Do not enable software offload in firewall when using MACVLAN as it may affect the ARP table.
- Some no-name 100-Mbit switches will perform poorly with multiple addresses from the same port due to limited switching fabric. Use a gigabit switch.
- Disable IPv6 on all modems.


  • (Simple) Microsoft Rogue DHCP Checker should show one DHCP server:

  • (Advanced) For Linux/MacOS, disconnect SmoothWAN, disconnect client from network, listen on broadcast with Wireshark, connect client to network, observe for any DHCP message, there should be a single source.