GL.iNet (Easiest)

Speedify users: Free accounts are not supported (last update: August 2023)

Installation using a smartphone as an example for quick setup

  • Download and follow the instructions from the release page.
  • Connect your wired internet connections (if available):

  • The Slate or Flint is now broadcasting as a Wi-Fi access point for easy configuration, disable mobile data and connect your phone to Wi-Fi SmoothWAN Setup 2.4 or 5Ghz with password: brassworld.
  • In your browser, visit: there is no password set:

  • Skip the following steps if all your internet sources to be used by Speedify are wired, else head to Simple Wi-Fi Setup:

You can change your access point SSID/Password as well

Enable the wireless WANs that you have configured

With all your WANs now connected, install Speedify:

All done!

You can change your web login password in the administration page.


  • Some USB devices are problematic with SmoothWAN built-in USB network adapter renamer (the unique name shown in the example as USB_1f16), you can disable this option in Speedify navigation menu -> Options. The adapter naming will be named by the order of first detection e.g usb0, usb1 which can be random on every power up. For data limited users, Speedify won't be able to tell which USB connected adapter corresponds to the set data limits and statistcs.